Saturday, August 9, 2008


In all the excitement of the big givaway prize draw, I forgot to mention....The Teardrop Purse kit is on the website!

You can actually BUY it!!!

We also have the CHAINS for the antique brass frames. Unfortunately I'm still looking for BLACK purse chains to go with the frames that are in the kit. You can order extra antique brass frames and chains when you order your kit.

The pattern is for intermediate to advanced sewing skills (you need to be able to set in a curve really smoothly - a bit like a sleeve without ease or a princess line bodice). Beginners may need to start on something a little simpler before tackling this one.
Look out for beads with large threading holes (about 4-5mm) to use on rouleaux straps. I could only find brown when I went looking, so used a black permanent marker pen to match them to the black frame. It worked a treat!
I'm now working on one of these with PURSE FEET!!!


trashalou said...

It's probably just as well I didn't win - I'm not sure my sewing is up to snuff. I shall just lust from afar and enjoy everyone else's blog candy when they make theirs up. ;-)

CalicoDaisy said...

Very pretty! I'd like to try a purse with frame one day.

Handmaiden said...

I love the fabrics. I think I am going to have to try