Wednesday, August 27, 2008

On My Desk.... Wednesday

I'm overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers... This amazing parcel arrived from Meri, all the way from Portugal. It had a huge piece of the most beautiful quality Portugese linen, a little (real) slate board with slate pencil and chalk, and this FABULOUS drawing by one of her grandchildren.I was stunned by the generosity.

What did I do to deserve such overwhelming goodness....? Well the truth is I don't deserve it!! I just sent Meri a little packet of plastic needles for her grandchildren to embroider with. (She blogged the results here... gorgeous stuff!!).

Meri does the most fantastic embroidery and is passing on the gift to her grandkids.... well worth supporting, I thought. It was very easy to pop down to Spotlight and pick up a little packet of needles and I certainly don't deserve such treasures in return.

THANK YOU, Meri (sorry I can't do the proper "e" in your name on this keyboard). You're a WONDERFUL, kind (and very talented) person. It's people like you that make the world a better place. My little artist got to work straight away on the slate. She drew the face and then said, "That's Mummy......I'll WRITE 'Mummy'... that's the M...." (draws three lines and puts a line over the top, and then does a few more lines...) "That's the Y...." (then does spirally letter at the front of the M) "...and that's the E!" .

Ok, I never said she could SPELL!!!

Three cheers and a big hug for Meri.

...and a few more cheers for Kirsty, for hosting On My Desk.


CurlyPops said...

That's such a sweet gift... crafty bloggers are just amazing people.

Anonymous said...

How lovely Nikki - both the gifts, and your wee one's picture (and writing). I just checked out the great embroidery that Meri's grandkids did with the needles you sent - nice work!

Jenny said...

How lovely! Bloggers certainly are a generous lot. I love your little one's picture of you and her writing-just priceless.

Kirsty said...

...just lovely!