Wednesday, July 16, 2008

On My Desk

Today felt like a bit of a write-off. It was one of those days when I started a lot of things, but didn't achieve anything that I wanted to get done. It's left me feeling a bit deflated.

I spent yesterday botching the embroidery on this purse (placement issues.. adding bits to balance the design... "ooh it's too much".... chopping bits off... patching bits on.... it went on and on like that for most of the day).

Today I started on a strap idea for it that I didn't have the materials to finish, so went to Spotlight to buy the bits I needed. I ended up spending ages in there, NOT finding what I was looking for... and leaving with this little lot.

The seed beads were $1 a tube (and very useful for curved frame purses!!!). Fabric was $2 per metre - and will be great bag lining one day. The large beads were purchased just in case they worked instead of the beads that Spotlight DIDN'T have (they didn't work, and are now in my little gal's bead stash).

Then the battery on my camera went flat, so I couldn't finish the purse I was making SO THAT I COULD TAKE PHOTOS for the instructions. The instructions reached a standstill, too.

I had to get SOMETHING finished for the day, so finished off one of the "Here's one I prepared earlier" half-made bags from my demos at the Stitches and Craft Show in MARCH! I have a class at Kimono House on Saturday, so I'll take it there to make me feel like it was a worthwhile effort.

Perhaps I should have called it a day at lunchtime and gone swimming instead...?

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Juddie said...

Oh! Sounds like a completely frustrating day!

Hope you don't mind, but I've tagged you to write about '6 things that made me happy today'. (Maybe best done on another day?!) .... ;-)

méri said...

That embroidery is very very pretty! and shopping sounds good :))

Jenny said...

Hmmm-I hope tomorrow is less frustrating for you and you get lots done.

Handmaiden said...

love that japanese crysanthenum fabric on the left bag.....good to see u go to Spotty as well...hope u have a better day tomorrow and glad u will be keeping Leanne company on Saturday.

laura said...

When time is so precious it's just not fun to finish up a day feeling like nothing was accomplished! But, remember, every mistake is a learning experience and if every day went smoothly, life would be very boring. And that purse you're working on is sooo cute! I know who will be getting one of those patterns as soon as it's released!

Kirsty said...

The embroidery looks pretty good to me!

the handmaden said...

We all have "those" days! Love the little purse, doesn't look like you've wasted any time to me, you should see what I churn out some times!

Cathy said...

so glad I am not the only one who has days like that! At least one thing was accomplished! Well done.

Dang said...

i like the purses. they're really nice. actually i like all your bags. all the designs and the fabric you use are very nice. I wish i can also make as nice the ones you have. I am currently trying to learn to make bags. I got inspired by your designs.. =) If only I can enroll in your class.. unfortunately im on the other side of the world.. (sad..)

little red hen said...

I love the embroidered purse! I have a hand bag thing! Some of my friends call me 'the bag lady' because of it.