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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Winter Woollies

Like I have loads of time on my hands.... I've suddenly developed an I-want-to-play-with-yarn obsession. Blogland has a lot to answer for, methinks.

On Saturday afternoon, the wee girl and I stopped in at Spotlight and stocked up on all we needed for a bit of knitting, crochet, french-knitting and pom-pom-making.

I'll save the kiddie-craft for another post (it truly deserves it). For now we're going to talk about the two crochet hats I made by... ummmm... 2am Sunday morning.

You could say I was hooked. Just making stuff up as I went along, marvelling at how quickly things came together. Enjoying a new medium for an old theme.

By Tuesday morning (2.20am....) there was another hat and a little scarf (and a lovely sit and chat with some real crochet experts).

By 11pm Tuesday there was a knitty scarf. (Big needles, slubby yarn, small neck-warmer-ish wooliness.... and so much instant gratification that I doubt I'll take it off all week).
I lost interest in knitting and crochet when I was about 14, so my skills are basic. I can't read a pattern and have no idea about the terminology of woolly-craft-language, but I think I'd like to learn more.

No doubt, you'll see more of the fuzzy stringy stuff around here.