Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Question time

Question mark made of puzzle pieces
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Horia Varlan

We've finally organised an FAQ page for the website. It answers (strangely enough) all the questions we find ourselves answering a lot.

So we now have...

If you can think of anything I need to add to any of these, please let me know!

We're having a bit of an issue with our emails being rejected by some servers. Apparently we look a bit like spam (especially to COMCAST and HOTMAIL addresses).

If you ever email us and never hear back, please check your junk mail filter, add us to your "allowed" list and email us again. If you have an alternative email address, perhaps you could send us an email from that. You can read more about it on the FAQ page...


Jennie said...

I'm having huge problems emailing customers with Hotmail addresses. It's like they're trying to bring down the non-Microsoft world.

Sue said...

I have noticed that the only emails I have trouble receiving are those that dont have a "name' in the sender part, just their email address, eg- your email comes to me with as the senders name, a lot of spam email that my account blocks has the same thing, but I have you added to my safe list so they get through.
Is there a way that you can have Nicole Mallalieu Design in the name section not your address?
The FAQ section is looking good :)

anniem said...

Hi Nikki
I have a bias maker, I have tried my bias maker but until now I didn't realize what I was doing wrong with my bias maker. Thanks to you now all is right with my..yep, you guessed...bias maker. I was trying to do too long a length ---trying to speed things (less haste , less waste as my mom would have said). I had my iron 5-10 cm away from the bias maker and then my tape was all wonky. Thanks so much now it won't be several dollars wasted. Have a good weekend. We have just begun March break and as my dear man and I are teachers the week off school means JOY & BLISS (cue celestial music) and time sewing wahooooo (too bad all our kids are students and home too------sorta kidding)