Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bag Making Classes

I'm always asked if I teach bag-making classes in other cities. The short answer is no. (The long answer involves things like family, other work commitments and the logistics of organising things like venues and equipment).

I design my patterns to be like a bag-making class instead. As anyone who has used one of my patterns will tell you, I load the instructions with lots of hand-holdy step-by-step diagrams, tips and explanations.

However - classes are lots of fun, and can teach you a whole lot more - especially if you're a doing kind of learner.
If you're looking for a class and you happen to live within cooee of Newcastle in NSW - you can always book into one of Gay's classes at Handmade Studio in Blacksmiths. Gay uses my patterns for her bag-making classes. Perhaps you could tie in a class with a weekend at the beach...?

See the timetable here... or contact Gay for more details. She's a qualified teacher, a super-talented textiles gal and great company.


Liam's Mummy said...

Wouldn't it be great if you could clone yourself and have bag making classes all over the country, on weekends and at all hours of the day?

I'm looking forward to the one I'm booked in for even though I will be spending more time in the car traveling there and back than actually in your class!.

Tania said...

OK, I'll stop complaining that you are at the opposite ends of the earth now. At least you're in the same state!

Fiona and Andy said...

I agree - your patterns make things really, really easy. I live in Canada, so coming to one of your classes just isn't an option, but I've had very good results with the 2 patterns I've used so far.

Nikki said...

Thanks for that feedback, Fiona. I can't access your email address through the comment link - but I needed to let you know how much joy it brings to hear from people who use my patterns and enjoy them. It makes it all worthwhile!

Handmade said...

Thanks Nikki!

Katherine said...

I need to start ordering your patterns since joining one of your classes in person isn't viable just now. (Much as I would love to come visit you and see your studio. Australia is top of my list of travel destinations.)