Saturday, October 4, 2008


Big Cat has organised a party.... a MONTH LONG festival of BLOG.

Ok... so far so good. A post per day so far this month for me.

We have a BUTTON!!

Festive mood... working on it (..while I dye my hair, Photoshop images for my website, hang out the washing, draw on the backyard concrete in chalk with a small child... eat last night's leftover pizza...write this post...). Well, maybe this house is a little too crazy to feel festive right now. I'll let you know how we get on with that.

German language... none. I have a smattering of Indonesian and Irish Gaelic. Is that any use?

Giveaways... thought I'd have something ready by now but it's been a crazy week. Watch this space. There are a few new patterns in the works. Check out all the other players in the meantime...

Slan go foill! (I told you it was useless!)


Bellgirl said...

I didn't think I could do a post a day, but now I see what else is involved I don't want to miss out! All that hair dyeing and leftover pizza sounds fun. Perhaps I'll read everyone's blogtoberfestings every day? Ich habe einen Hund (That's about all the German I can offer)!

Michelle said...

wow one post per day....way to stressful...but will love reading them

Maureen said...

Oh it's hair dye day round here too. I have a reddish one and a blondish one. Choices, choices.