Monday, June 30, 2008

And so it grows...

The mess on my cutting table, that is.

Things have developed a bit more in the paper and calico jungle, and I now have the patterns finalised for the hat and small purse. The framed bag pattern is ready for toile (sample) no 4, and the instructions for the smaller purse are finished.
We're seeing some development, but no RESULTS as yet - nothing photogenic, anyway.... just more calico and paper, and files on a computer.

Instead of pictures of my craftiness, here's my assistant at work on the whiteboard. Out of the blue last Friday she FILLED the board with lines and lines of "writing", telling me all the things she was "writing the names for". The picture in the middle of the board is a "sleeping bear". I was so impressed with her trying to write - and such an over-indugent parent, probably - that I also took a VIDEO of her doing this! It's one of those bitter-sweet great-leaps-forward that mark another step towards independence..... It means my baby is growing up fast.
The best advice I was given when she was a newborn was "Kiss and squeeze while you can!".


CurlyPops said...

Don't you just love it when you have to ask what they are drawing and they look at you as if you are stupid and say 'it's a car'. As if you couldn't tell!

méri said...

I'm sure that you will kiss and squeeze each other in all the stages of your lives! I know by practice. Now even more with two grandaughters!!

Cathy said...

My boys all kiss and squeeze me still - hope this helps - it does last! (in my case anyway)

Can't wait to catch your new purse patterns.

Love Rosie's writing - what a gifted child!

62cherry said...

hey ya
we better pop in for a coffee asap
that little lady of yours is growing up fast! :)